Thursday, June 16, 2011

What is a Brand?

When you think about Coca Cola, Amazon, Google, or Walmart, what do you think of?

Like the majority of people, when you hear these names, or see their logos, you have a set of ideas and emotions which come to mind about the company. Perhaps you have pictures you see in your minds eye about a particular brand.

The power of a Brand is that it has a position in the minds of its prospects and clients. Brands exist inside the hearts and minds of your customers. Many people think that branding is about images or logos, but always remember that the real power of a brand is that people feel a certain way towards a brand. Without those feelings about a brand, the logos are worthless. Its important to keep in mind when branding:

Everything your company does, in every form of communication, affects its brand.

This means that everything from order fulfillment to customer service is a part of your branding and your message. If any one of these points fail - you affect the impact of your brand and its value. Your brand is really a relationship between you and your customer. If you fail to keep a happy relationship with your customer, your brand has a negative impact.

It also important that you communicate to your customers how they will benefit from your brand. Paint pleasing word pictures, show images or videos of the benefits, as well as what consequences they will face if they do not buy your brand.

When branding it should be clear in your customers mind how much your products cost, and where they can get them when they are ready to purchase.

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