Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fulfilling Customer Expectations

One of the powerful aspects of relationship marketing and branding is that it sets customer expectations. You know exactly what to expect when you enter into a McDonalds.

You know what the food will taste like, what you can buy, approximately how much it will cost, what the service will be like, etc. It is this consistency which makes McDonalds such a powerful force in the fast food industry.

Your customers have certain sets of expectations based off what your brand stands for, what it communicates and past experiences.

It is important that your company is consistent with your brand message. You need to maintain the same brand promise overtime and deliver upon it to develop a brand.

When delivering a brand promise, it is important that it is one you can actually deliver to your customers. Offering unrealistic or false brand promises weakens your brand and can lose you customers very fast.

If you have to choose, its better to set customer expectations low and impress them with outstanding value than it is to set customer expectations high and disappoint them.

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