Saturday, June 18, 2011

Customer Purchase Decision Making Process Part 1

There are many factors to consider which affect your customers decision making process.

In this series we will go in depth into how your customers make their purchase decisions - and how to influence them to choose your products over your competitiors.

So the question is, what affects consumer purchase decisions? One of the things we know that affects it is community. Your customers are a part of a larger social group.

The thoughts, ideas, and feelings of this larger group context have a powerful impact on what decisions your customer makes.

Marketing programs seek to connect their brands with a community of other brand advocates.

Organizations such as Ferrari have strong insular cultures where owners are friends with one another, belong to special clubs and receive brand messages both as a community and as individuals.

We have also found that influence from family and friends can have a powerful effect over a consumers decision making process. Publicity and word-of-mouth campaigns can be extremely effective at tipping a purchase decision in your favour.

We also see influencer's in the consumers life which can alter their attitudes towards a brand. This sphere of influence includes people personally involved in the consumers life and also public figures and authorities.

Its important to understand the people who are capable of influencing the decisions of your target market - then actively using those influencer's to help generate favorable opinions of your brand in your prospects.

You must also remember that prospects are influenced by those they do not want to be like.

Endorsements from a negative or undesirable source can hurt your brand reputation and negatively affect the decision to purchase.

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