Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Future of Online Copywriting

Where is copywriting going nowadays? I think you will see several trends develop as copywriting matures online:

1. The development of trust based copywriting. Just as google is relying more and more on authority sites, I believe we will see further trends towards social accountability and trust based copywriting. I believe this will be done using authority and third-party sites which validate the claims in a piece of copy and further lend believability to the advertising

2.  Media-rich advertising. More multimedia integration to further strengthen the sales presentation using video, audio, images and offline campaign integration to create a full sensory experience to capture an increasingly impatient audience.

3. Multi-step copywriting. Given the way the internet is developing I think you will see copywriting and marketing become further integrated with traditional salesletters becoming more obsolete. I think you will start to see copywriters approaching a sale as a multi-stage process, because it traditionally produces higher conversion rates.

We may see trends such as email and salesletter integration develop further with the copywriter and marketers planning out an entire multi-step psychological plan for motivating prospects to buy using social media, email, video, multiple websites and more to garner commitment and psychological currency over would-be prospects.

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