Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Create Your Brands Meaning

What a Brand means is really determined by the experiences a customer has with everything associated with that brand.

These experiences, either positive or negative, make up the thoughts and emotions a customer has about your brand. Customer experience is crucial to building a successful brand.

If your customers consistently have positive experiences with your brand, then it gains power and force in the minds of your clients.

This is one of the key reasons behind the success of Starbucks. Instead of focusing on traditional advertising, Starbucks emphasized customer service and their retail environment.

This created a powerful, positive experience for Starbucks customers that kept them coming back time and time again.

A brand takes a product and turns it into something more. A product goes from being a simple physical object to having a personality, identity, and meanings.

Studies have shown people even evaluate identical products as being superior when one product is associated with a well known brand.

This is the value behind the brand. You can take a simple physical product and when people know its associated with a well known and liked brand, they are willing to pay more for it, evaluate it as being superior and are more likely to buy.

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