Thursday, June 16, 2011

Branding Part 1 of 3: Positioning

This post is part of a 3 part series about developing a new brand. The first step is whats called positioning.

Positioning is how you position your companys brand relative to the other competitors in your marketplace.

Your customers compare your brand to other brands, and its up to you to strategically determine how you will position your brand for the best evaluation by your customers.

The ideal position is one which can be delivered by the product or service and is highly appealing to your core audience.

There are several approaches you can take when determining a position:


With this approach you want to create associations with your product. You create a differentiating image for your company. 


This type of positioning is where you base it off of generic features which all competitors share but have not talked about in their advertising. This is particularly useful in industries where competitors sell commodity type products. 


This is where you emphasize the benefits your customer will enjoy as a result of using your products. We define benefits as, something that fulfills a need or desire, that your customer has. 

Unique Product Approach

This is where you take features of your product and use it to differentiate yourself in your market. For example Apple provides highly functional and beautiful technology that is innovative and easy to use. Facebook offers a different social experience than MySpace.

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