Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Trends To Develop In The Online Sales Process

As I wrote about earlier, I believe you will see new trends developing in online copywriting, becoming more long term and a part of a multi-stage sales process.

I want to further touch upon this point. Here is a new sales model which may bring about greater ROI.

Customer is unaware of the company ->

Discovery of company or product through word-of-mouth, publicity, or third-party information ->

Seeking out information from the company ->

Company delivers valuable educational information ->

Deepening of relationship with the customer through multiple "touch points" such as social media, email, blogging, and forum marketing ->

"Soft sell" of products to customer ->

Customer retention and loyalty is emphasized

I believe this will be apart of a future trend online where you see companies taking a longer term approach, strengthening customer relationships and increasing loyalty. I believe that customer loyalty and the creation of "brand cults" will enable powerful new online enterprises to take over from traditional "traffic" based websites which rely on third party sources.

Instead this new model relies on the relationship between the company and the customer. Instead of the relationship between the company and Adwords or DoubleClick. Word of Mouse will become more powerful as the internet matures and markets begin to buy based off of quality instead of price. Online luxury shopping will further develop as a method of convience and obtaining hard-to-get products which may have otherwise been unpurchasable.

Innovations in customer service and online customer experience will further enable the retail industry to develop online as new technological innovations improves the customer shopping experience vs traditional retail shopping

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