Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mastering the "Intangible Assets" of your Brand for Higher Profits

When you are establishing and communicating your companies brand it is important to remember that it is the intangible attributes of your brand which give it massive value.

What is Coca Cola? Sugar, water, and some flavoring.

Yet, this simple combination is the product behind one of the most powerful marketing forces on earth. Why? Because the value of the Coca Cola company is not just from its core product but from the relationships it has established with its customers and the associations people have about Coke in their minds.

Coca Cola has a powerful connection to its customers hearts and minds. It is this connection which gives it billions of dollars in sales every year. Here are some attributes you can focus on to increase the value your company gets from your brand:
  • Value
  • Image
  • Role Performance (example, successful people wear Rolex, Armani, etc.)
Keep these in mind when delivering your marketing communications and remember they are often more important than the simple physical attributes of your product or service

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