Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Four P's

There are four P's in marketing which you should be aware of, these are known as:


These four P's make up your marketing communications. We are seeing a shift in the advertising world which is moving away from soley relying upon traditional advertising to promote these P's.

Instead we are seeing a multi-channel approach which uses various media to create a more effective advertising campaign. Companies are using public relations, packaging, in-store personnel, and more to further improve the effectiveness of their advertising.

In your marketing communications and advertising, you must communicate these four P's to your customers. It is my recommendation that you use multiple channels to contact your prospects & customers.

If a customer sees your brand in their morning newspaper, then hears about your company in a radio interview on their way to work, and gets an email from you while checking their email -- you will be at the top of their mind and strengthen your brands position as opposed to putting all resources into only one media.

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