Thursday, June 16, 2011

Branding Part 2 of 3: Identification

This is the second of the three part series on branding.

You now need to choose a name for your brand. Your choice of a brand name must reflect the position you want your brand to take. Several important keys to remember when developing your brand name and logo are:

  • Strive for a Brand name which is easy to remember, and a brand logo that is very distinct.
  • Try using customer surveys and focus groups to get feedback on your ideas for brand logos and names

In addition here are some key elements you may want to communicate in your brand name:

  • Benefits - Incorporating a benefit directly into your brand name
  • Unique - Picking something completely off-the-wall that is very distinct from your competitors (example Amazon for the name of an online bookstore)
  • Association - Choose names that represent ideas you want associated with your brand
  • Simple - Names that are very simple and easy to remember, short and easy to pronounce

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